The Social Experiment

 The Social Experiment Begins

The Social Experiment is well under way. Here in the shadow of the old Bethlehem Steel Mill a community rises and strengthens. A community, celebratory by nature, builders by desire, eager to learn & teach the proven method of LBD. Our maker community refers to it as learning “Learn By Doing”. The Social Experiment begins.

History of Independence

That same history is what brought us to build the first privately own, membership funded CoWorking Space. This venture funded by its current members, community supporters and the founders offers a place for our entrepreneurial community to meet and grow.

Build Something New

Together we will “Build Something New”.  We are building a community of people where all skill levels are welcome. A community that have agreed to work together to build the new “Knowledge Neighborhood”. Our “Knowledge Neighborhood” is a community ecosystem where the support systems are already established for you to create your own job thru entrepreneurship. We are where the intersection of artist, web designers & developers, micro-business owners, writers, bloggers, students, skilled educators and startup business founders all come together to lend a helping hand to each other. We are achieving success locally, across the region and someday maybe even across the nation.

I Have A Cause

Are you looking for such a gathering place? Have a skill you can teach? Are you looking to gain new skills thru the concept of “Learn by Doing”. Do you need to create your own job? Do you need to be re-motivated on to this entrepreneurial path you have chosen for yourself?

Join us for a tour of SoBeCoWorks and  be part of all that is new and  exciting here in South Bethlehem & the Lehigh Valley.

Come Join Our Community and “Let’s Build Something New”.

We Love to Work