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BethlehemUSA Video Channel – First of all the power of visual storytelling is why we decided to add this medium to our getting the WORD OUT marketing. The medium of online video, viewable in high definition thanks to increasing bandwidth availability. We hope to open up a universe of stories and create new ways of digital storytelling. We want to bring the SoBeCoWorks members’ entrepreneurial experiences to this online video platform for all to see.

For that reason we created this video channel. Likewise with this global medium the whole world will have a window into our community level economic development experience. In the past decade digital video and the social Web have evolved together. As a result creators can share their work easily across continents. Therefore our launch lineup, includes video works by filmmakers from our community, none of whom would have likely discovered each other if it wasn’t for this social network.

BethlehemUSA TV

Select button above to get a Periscope picture into our part of the world and the many great people we’ve come to know. This is MyCommunity (Mi Comunidad).

BethlehemUSA Video Channel

By way of introduction, my name is Santiago Rivera and I am the creator of the BethlehemUSA Video Channel. If you can guess the nationality of my name, you get a prize. (This may be a trick question.) I am first of all a Partner Desk Member at SoBeCoWorks as well as its owner and CoWorking Host.

Here is a link to our first video project where we setup and test our new Quad Copter video filming platform and flight skills:

SoBeCoWorks has now been open to the public for 6 years (Est. June 1, 2012). We are building and modifying our business model as we work overtime to build a strong “Knowledge Neighborhood” within our community. Along this journey I’ve met some not so nice people but even more super smart people. Above all we finally now see before us a new Southside Bethlehem. For that reason as I look back fondly on my original community vision. I realize above all that we made the best decision by taking this journey down the road less travelled.

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