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Note: SoBeCoWorks’ Contact Form has not been working for a number of months and we apologize to our members and prospective members that contacted us via this method.  Some of you were bolder and simply showed up knocking at the door and others got our phone number and simply called and we thank you for that initiative. Nowas for me as the “Shy Webmaster” I would have waited and waited for a short time and then showed up at the front door wanting to know why did no one email me back.  I then would have received the above explanation but more importantly a chance at the grand tour. If you have not had a response in days, weeks or months then we encourage you to contact us again. Date: 9/25/2018/sr

Schedule Tour of our CoWorking office today and please wait for a call back from our CoWorking Host confirming your tour time & day before arriving.

Member Only Access

SoBeCoWorks does not currently offer drop in CoWorking services.

Members Have Access Code

SoBeCoWorks members are given a personal code to enter & leave as their schedule requires. This insures the highest level of privacy. During regular business hours SoBeCoWorks is a membership only CoWorkng Space.

Membership Privileges

Private Office, Full Time & Part Time members have daily access Monday-Friday 7AM-7PM.

Meetup Sponsorship

Do you have an idea for an interesting community Meetup? The email us directly at:

We are open to the public for Meetups occurring typically after 6PM. Some examples of public Meetups are: WordPress User Group, Lehigh Valley Real Estate Investment Club, Maker Tech and ECommerce Tech Meetups.

We Are A Entrepreneurial Community

SoBeCoWorks is a place for innovators, tech geeks, tech fans, tech learning and yes with an objective of producing income for these interes.  We gather to share knowledge and experiences. We are an open community and I have seen from personal experience that not all newcomers are immediately embracing of this open community philosophy.

What Is The Open Community Concept?

This is the concept of freely sharing knowledge. Do you believe that you have to pay to know what I know? The founders of SoBeCoWorks believe that sharing what they know benefits all and that because of this there is more than enough to go around.  That I can only benefit from sharing what I know?

Before You Schedule A Tour

Before you push the Contract Form button to schedule your tour please think about this idea. If you believe that I want to know what others know but I will never share what I know then this CoWorking Space is not for you.

“A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.” — Henrik Ibsen

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