Please complete this Rental Application for consideration to one of our rental properties.

  • Print out form,
  • Use ink pen (black or blue) to complete the form,
  • Bring your completed rental application along with the following:
    • Application fee,
    • Proof of income,
    • Proof of ID  (Driver’s License, Passport, State ID)
  • All completed applications which include the application free are processed on a first come, first processed method.
  • Please note that the application fee must be in the form of cash or money order ONLY.
  • Help us help you.

Rental Application Form 

Rental Tip – How much rent can I afford?

The Mathematical Approach

Generally speaking, your rent should be somewhere around 30% of your income. Some people can stretch that figure a bit more, but for most people, 30% is a wise range that will allow you to meet all your other living and entertainment expenses and that will still allow you to save for retirement or to put money aside in case of an emergency.

To figure out how much 30% would be, take your combined annual income and divide it by 40. (This is just a shortcut for taking 30% of your income and then dividing it across 12 months.)

For instance, let’s say you make $45,000 per year.

$45,000 ÷ 40 = $1,125 per month
30% of $45,000 = $12,600; $13,500 ÷ 12 = $1,125

Easy Peasey!

That said, you should take a couple of points into consideration with this figure. For one, you should make this calculation not with your salary, but with your actual take-home pay. If there are hefty taxes or other withholdings taken from your check each month, that means that you have less disposable income than your nominal salary figure might lead you to believe.

Second, remember that this figure needs to cover all housing costs, not just rent. I’ll speak more about these in a moment, but when moving forward with this figure, consider things like utilities, insurance, and other house-related expenses as part of it.

Yearly Income    Recommended Rental Rate
$45,000                       $1,125
$35,000                       $  875
$25,000                       $  625